Joop Boerstoel (1965) was born in Vorden and studied at the College of Music in Enschede (wind band conducting and clarinet) and Maastricht (orchestra conducting). His teachers, among others, were Gert Buitenhuis, Jan van Ossenbruggen and Jan Stulen. He currently conducts three concert bands and from 1989 till 2004 he was a clarinet teacher at the Music School of Zutphen. He is an examiner of for musical exams and a member of the panel of judges of soloist contests. Furthermore, he assists in developing a series of tutorials on wind instruments, to be published by ‘De Haske’. Since 1998 he has been working for the MUI (Music Library and Information Centre) in Arnhem and in that capacity he contributes to Dutch Repertoire Committees.

Our musicians

The musicians of Philharmonie Gelre are ambitious amateurs, who love playing and performing music. The orchestra consists of 70 musicians directed by a professional conductor. Philharmonie Gelre is a symphonic wind band with complete instrumentation: the woodwinds section with clarinets, flutes, saxophones and oboes has been extended with piccolo, English horn, bassoons, alto- and bass clarinet. The brass section consists of trumpets/cornets, French horns, trombones, euphoniums and tubas. The percussion section and string bass complete the orchestra.


Zondag 24 november 2019
Musis Sacrum, Arnhem

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Wij zijn afhankelijk van schenkingen om onze muzikale activiteiten mogelijk te maken. Een kleine jaarlijkse bijdrage helpt daarbij al. Als u minimaal 20 euro per jaar doneert, krijgt u een kortingskaart voor ons najaars-concert in Musis Sacrum. U kunt zich hier aanmelden.